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Long-Term Care Placement
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Many people have heard of “A Place for Mom” or have at least seen their commercials on television. Their spokesperson (i.e. Joan Lunden) attracts the viewers by showing them beautiful accommodations in LTC and by offering “FREE” services for their clients. What many people don’t understand is that LTC placement services are anything but free. While the family members may not have to pay anything out-of-pocket, the caregivers do have to pay and usually the payment is very expensive (i.e. half of the first month’s payment or more). 

Maile Harada, R.N., Ph.D., wants to support the caregivers in our state by placing clients in LTC for free and not collecting any referral fees from the caregivers. We need to support our caregivers! They work very hard to care for our loved ones, and they deserve to keep the money they earn. Call Dr. Harada for FREE placement services and help to support our caregivers!

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